Switching away from BT - any advice..?

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Trying this on in the main forum.

We are talking last straws here.

I switched to BT a few years back to get away from what was a dreadful Virgin service, since when I find I'm going regularly over my 'broadband limit' (thus incurring penalties) and am frequently beset by technical problems, not least the little-publicised BT Vision/iPlayer incompatibility.

I don't know where to turn now.

I need, frankly, an unlimited broadband service together with landline (also unlimited calls to landlines or suchlike) and something similar in scope to the BT box with freeview, pause and rewind, maybe catch up access like iPlayer/4oD.

Can anyone tell me in very general terms whether there is anything on offer out there which consistently beats BT on price? I realise this is difficult as pricing seems to be in the melting pot at the moment. This is why I use the word 'consistently' as, when the price hike dust settles, I'd like to find myself in the right place.


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    Everyone beats BT on price-they're one of the most expensive providers around.
    What suits you best depends on what is available on your exchange, so start with an exchange search on samknows.com for your LLU options.
    Subject to LLU availablity, the obvious ones to consider are TalkTalk and Sky. If no LLU is available, then Plusnet is the best known national option-though there are many others.
    All you need for your TV requirements is a Humax YouView PVR connected to your broadband service-a one-off cost and no subscription required.
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    Much appreciated.
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    I'm in process of jumping from BT - have the phone and bb with them, on the infinity - paying £53 per month didnt bother with the tv package, ive gone with ee - they do there version of infinity - unlimited as well - £36 per month

    all in sky does some good packages - there bb is unlimited thats free if you have sky sports, - but seems reasonable price if you dont -

    dont forget cashback - I use topcashback and quidco - worth seeing which does the best cashback offer xx
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