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Wonder if anyone can help, I'm looking at saving £40-£50 a week in a savings account, I've looked at my bank (HSBC) and all the decent interest savings seem to have a monthly set up only. Can anyone recommend me an online weekly savings account with a decent interest rate? Not bothered about access either.


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    Our local credit union says that it accpets weekly payments into savings accounts via standing order.

    Check with yours
  • innovateinnovate
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    Investigate the TSB Plus current account. It beats any savings account for the amounts you have in mind and you can deposit into it whenever you like. Don't faff about with normal savings accounts or credit union accounts, they all have pants interest rates.

    See separate thread on the TSB Plus.
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    There are many interest-bearing current accounts offering 4/5%, well above what you can get in a traditional savings account but requiring minimum monthly funding of something like £750-1500. However, this is easily achieved by bouncing funds backwards and forwards from your HSBC account, so open, say, a Nationwide FlexDirect, set up a big monthly standing order in each direction to satisfy the minimum funding and then do your weekly amounts manually through online banking, job done!
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    I'll add my voice to the previous comments re tsb. If you have decent credit rating to open one then you can't beat the return or flexibility.

    If you are easily tempted it might be too easy for you to take money out though.
    Remember the saying: if it looks too good to be true it almost certainly is.
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