MBNA is now AvantCard - who to claim from?

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I have a MBNA credit card that I have pretty much ignored. I have a high balance on it and pay the minimum every month. It is an account in Ireland so it doesn't show up on my credit rating in the UK.

I was paying PPI since 2006 but about 12 months ago AvantCard bought/took over MBNA IRL.

I aim to try and claim back some PPI. I lived at home at the time I took it out. I worked on a contracted, part-time basis and received no guidance regarding PPI. The application was done online and they have not provided me with a copy of my agreement that I signed when I submitted a SAR. Nor have they been able to send anything that shows PPI was explained when I signed up. The SAR was to see if I had any claim rather than assuming I did. The more I read the angrier I got. I have been sent a transcript of several phonecalls that occurred and quite frankly they have made up half of what was said during innocuous conversations. Seeing how freehanded they are with the truth has just made me mad!

Is there any reason I have less of a chance because it is no longer with MBNA who I originally took the card out with? If I do pursue a claim am I to assume it would be with AvantCard and not MBNA?


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    Bog-Pony wrote: »
    The application was done online
    You'll have a very hard time complaining that this was mis-sold to you because you did it all yourself online. Since no one sold it to you, your one hope is that the online application included a pre-populated box selecting PPI which you had to actively un-tick to refuse the insurance.

    Be aware that not all Banks used pre-ticked boxes and the practice was discontinued altogether in 2007.

    Otherwise, you will be deemed to have mis-bought the insurance rather than being mis-sold.
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    If I do pursue a claim am I to assume it would be with AvantCard and not MBNA?
    You have to complain to the original seller of the insurance.
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