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hi I'm new to this forum today this is my 1st post :j

I have a Iphone 4 on vodaphone I took out a 24 month contract which ends in June. I paid half for the phone up front and then half over the 24 month contract. I obviously don't want to continue paying the current amount after June, how do I go about just paying for my minutes calls and data? do vodphone do a sim only monthly rolling contract

Also I think I would like to upgrade possibly to a new iphone 6 ( I've no idea when it comes out?). I looked into the Iphone 5s for a comparison on vodaphone and The carphone wherehouse is cheaper than what vodaphone

Advice please Many thanks


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    Yes, vodafone do sim only 30 day contracts. They start from £11 per month. Obviously if you do nothing when your current 24 month deal ends you will continue to pay the same rate (but can cancel with 30 days notice).

    As you are interested in iphone 6 and thats not likely to be out for a good few months yet then you may want to switch to one of the 30 day sim only deals. BE VERY CAREFUL if you do this over the phone. Make sure you record the conversation as other people have reported being put on (or pressed into) longer term contracts. They tried this with me when i requested my PAC so i just left.
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    Phone them up and ask them to reduce your contract at the end of the term.

    Threaten to leave them.

    If your phone is unlocked actually leave them.

    If it's locked get it unlocked https://www.vodafone.co.uk/vodafone-uk/forms/unlock-code-request/

    Get a 30-day rolling contract. Don't sign a new 12/24 month contract in any scenario.
  • im not very good at speaking on the phone could I do this online or in the carphone wherehouse?

    MataNui thank you for the warning I'm always careful I even take someone with me when I buy these things and together we work out the best deal.
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    When you request a PAC you always get a phone call from retentions to try and upgrade you onto a new contract. I told them i wasnt interested in a new phone or any sort of long term contract and wanted to go sim only. They tried to sell me a 12 month sim only deal despite me telling them i didnt want that. I told them i had seen some 30 day ones on the website. The woman from vodafone said these were not available as an upgrade and i would have to sign up for 12 months.

    Be careful.
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