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Hi Guys,
I am new to this site, and was wandering if you could give me some help and advice.
My Farther has a contract with time talk, which he is only in the first few months of an 18 month contract, however he had a previous contract with them for over 10 months. The problem is they frequently make mistakes with his billing, and example of this was that at the end of january he was charged over £200, as they hadn't taken his line rental out with his bill for over 8 months! I know you must think that he should have noticed from his statements, but even i find them hard to understand. My Father is on a pension so was looking for the best service.
This month they've over charged him again, and thier responce was to cancel the direct debit and wait untill they call.
Whenever you try to call them, you can be holding on an 0845 number for over 45 minutes and the fob you off.
He regrets ever switching to them, but can't afford to pay early cancellation charges.
People have said that because he never signed anything, he hasn't entered in to a legally binding contract - is this true?
My Father just gets upset that he is trapped with a service who over charge him, talk him to changing his contract and then totally confuse him - is there any was out of this for him so that he can switch to a more efficiant and understandable service?

Many thanks for you help guys!


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