Is it right for BT to charge me exit fee even after contract expires?

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My current Phone and Broadband contract with BT runs out on 18/03/2014. I have identified a new supplier and wish to switch to them from 19th March onwards. I contacted BT and informed them of my intention today. A Customer Options Team member reminds me that if the new supplier NEED a Mac code, I have no fee to pay; if the new supplier DO NOT REQUIRE a Mac code , I have to pay BT 30 pounds. Unfortunately, my new supplier do not need a Mac code from BT because I still keep the same number, therefore, it means I have to pay BT 30 pounds to leave them even after my contract expires.:mad:
Is it right for BT to do so? Has anybody come across the same problem before? Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance!;)


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    You have to pay it. It is for an engineer to disconnect your BT line at the exchange and everyone has to pay the £30 if the MAC is not used. Sorry.
  • Thanks for your info., However, BT said because wholesale charges them£30, they have to pass it to customers. And also, in your reply, do you mean engineer disconnects my BT line at my premises or remotely? I stll keep the same number, and the new supplier won't install any new line. I am confused.
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    A MAC is nothing to do with your phone line, it is used by ISP's to transfer your broadband to your new supplier, there is no charge if a MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) is used but a standard £30 cease charge if you transfer your broadband without one.
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    Is this because you're moving to a non BT line such as Talktalk where the line is actually reconnected to the new suppliers equipment at the exchange, meaning there is actually physically something that BT need their engineer to do?
  • Thanks for all the answers above, you see including BT staff, everyone gave different interpretation for such charge. That is the thing annnoying me most not necessary the £30. As a matter of fact, 4 different BT staff explained different reasons to justify the charge.
  • Is there anyway I can avoid the charge?
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    They should only charge a "cease charge" (the clue is in the name) if you cease the line not when transferring it and BT Wholesale seem pretty clear on this
    A cease charge will be raised under the following circumstances:
    · The Service Provider raises a cease order.
    · The Service Provider asks BT Wholesale to raise a cease order on their behalf.
    · Openreach issue an unsolicited cease because the PSTN service has been terminated.
    A cease charge will not be raised in the following circumstances:
    · The End User line has been migrated to another ADSL service provider using the published migration process.
    · The End User line has been migrated to an LLU operator (either SMPF or MPF) using the published migration process.
    · When End User service is migrated to another BT Wholesale ADSL service and / or to another Communications Provider (CP) where a MAC code is used.
    End User Cease Charge: £24.74 (exc VAT)
    Operative Date: 01-04-2010
  • Thanks. So based on the above information I have provided, Molerat, should be the charge applicable to my case? Cheers.
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    I would say no but you will have a hard time. I have been waiting for a bill from Orange for this threatened charge for 2 months now so I can take a complaint to CISAS and OFCOM but nothing has appeared. I have said before that this is something that Martin Lewis should take up but probably not enough glory to be had in it.
  • Thanks again. Yes, I agree that I really hope Martin Lewis can take this up.
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