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I am very new to this forum but need help.

Long story short. I have an IVA set up in Aug 2013. I had been paying Eon £120 a month by d/d. next thing Eon inform me that I owe them £1400 and my payments will be going up to about £550 a month. they have already taken £708 this month and plan to take the same in March. this will be followed by the £550 per month d/d.

I want to switch users. My IVA supervisor tells me that as the debt was accrued before the IVA was set up that I can just add Eon to my creditors.

The switch is likely to take 4-6 weeks. Can Eon cut off my energy supply. My mother, who lives with me is 84 years of age as well as my husband who is in very poor health.

I cannot afford another d/d of £708. Does anyone know if they can do this if I stop the next d/d.

Please Help !


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    The outgoing supplier will reject the transfer if you have more than about £200 arrears. How that relates to the IVA, I don't know, but I would have thought that it would have to have been registered back in August. Since you clearly haven't built £1,400 of debt since then, why isn't that debt already included in your IVA?
    Why do you want to switch suppliers, assuming that you are on the cheapest Eon tariff?
    They can't cut you off, but they can and will fit PPM's, so you should consider voluntarily accepting those, given that you cannot manage your usage based on the above figures.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    As stated above, you cannot switch supplier without the losing supplier agreeing.

    Otherwise people would switch and switch leaving a trail of debts.
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