Phantom sunflower sucker........

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:eek: Please help! Twice this year i have grown sunflowers from seed planted them into the garden and hey presto they been sucked up. On one occasion i had a little stalk left. I'm using bird animal friendly slug pellets, but the damage is like nothing i've seen before. Every year i grow sunflowers no problems, my favourites are the red ones as they have many heads.

Is it too late to start again, and if not what suggestions can anyone come up with?

Thanks for looking.:D
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    Earlier this month twice I've gone into my garden and found that some of my sunflowers (Russian Giants & Red Sun) only consisted of stalks. On one occasion the remains of the plant was left a few feet away from where it was planted.

    As I have squirrels digging up my garden every time I plant something I presumed the damaged was caused by the squirrels. I did notice that all the sunflowers that were every piece of the stalk was securely tied to canes where fine. So I have to go out nearly every day and make sure that are securely tied to canes.

    BTW I noticed that the squirrels don't like slug pellets and coffee on the soil but both these need to be replaced frequently.

    Thompson and Morgan's home page has on it what you can grow in July and it states in it's list sunflowers.
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    Pigeons love sunflowers - last year we grew some and the blimin birds ate half of them.
    So so squirrels - when we managed to get some with heads on them - they would climb up them and hang off the flower itself nibbling the seeds - until they managed to 'fell' the flower and just ate off the floor.

    We aren't growing them this year purely as we don't want to attract even more of the above into our garden, we have enough wildlife as it is!!!
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    Thanks to you both. I shall try again and this time i shall keep a better eye on them.
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    i start my sunflowers in pots on window sill, then when they are biggish, plant them in garden, have never manged to grow them from seed in garden.
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    Every single leaf has been eaten off all my sunflowers.

    Nothing left but a huge stalk.

    What's going on?

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    have you got rabbits in your garden? mine go crazy for sunflowers and munch the lot! i used to end up with sticks! :)
  • My sunflowers are really tall but no leaves on them!! I still am waiting for the floweR! I think there is only the main flower steam and a few leaves on the top!
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    My 6 year old grandson lovingly planted a sunflower he had grown from seed at kids club into a pot in my garden, it grew well at first but then started to get eaten, at first we could not see what was causing the damage, we checked on it one evening and found slugs on the leaves, He now jist has a stalk attached to a bamboo cane, Nature can be so cruel.
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    I've had both caterpillars and ants eating my sunflowers this year!
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    All my flippin plants have been eaten this year, apart from geraniums! I have more snails than you could imagine, (a walk to to washing line sounds like crunching up a gravel drive) and when we came back from a night at the pub last week when it was raining, it looked like we were being invaded by triffids, but it was just swarms of snails everywhere, sailing across the pavement and down the drive.

    I have taken to picking them off and slinging them onto the garage roof for the birds to pick over.

    Mother in law has had everything in her garden gobbled up as well, so I don't think it's just my eco-friendly gardening. Hubby has thoughtfully laid out pots of John Smiths Extra Smooth for them, and a few have partaken, but maybe the alcohol just makes them randy, cos they are EVERYWHERE!
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