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Cat loosing hair

in Pets & pet care
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Your house will always smell of cat to non cat people.

Brush her gently every day, but not too much.

Get a reuseable sticky roller- the kind you run under water to refresh- we got ours from somewhere like Kleeneze or betterware- it's easier than using sellotape.

Ask your vet about it next time she is down for her booster jabs.
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  • sandy2_2sandy2_2 Forumite
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    Try a using a rubber glove to get the hair off really works. we also use a sort of velvety pad that gets hair off furniture
  • dunabunkdunabunk Forumite
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    Oh dear...i remember feeling like that about my first cats and thinking about getting them declawed!!! lol
    After a while you get used to it, dont notice as much, and find wee ways of of dealing with the hairs and scratching.
    Cats seem to have humans...humans dont have cats!! lol
    Seriously its a pain the whole time you have em but like kids makes you love them even more. Ive got seven big furry hairballs now and i love them all! Good Luck ;o)
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