Cold Call - Bywater Home Improvements?

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Has anybody had a cold call from a company calling themselves ‘Bywater Home Improvements?

They just called and asked to speak to my mum or dad, which is weird, as I haven’t lived with them for 13 years. I asked who was calling and they just hung up. I did 1471 and the number was 08700664457. The number gives a short-recorded message (4 secs) and that’s it. I can’t find any details of them on the Internet and I have searched for their number and details on, but still no luck.

I know this is a long shot but has anyone heard of them?

I don’t know whether they were just rude etc or whether it is some sort of scam etc.
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  • Beninio88Beninio88 Forumite
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    I'm not 100% sure, but that names sounds really familiar. I think They've been round my area. I got a knock on the door and was asked if my parents were in too. Cheeky gets. Or it must be my youthful good looks :) .
  • BrightonLadBrightonLad Forumite
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    Has anybody had a cold call from a company calling themselves ‘Bywater Home Improvements?

    hey Essexdelboy, i think it could be Bowater Home Improvements, also known as Zenith Windows or something. Used to have offices near where i lived. Use to employ lots of my mates when we were at school/college to do all the cold calling. Got a very bad name for themselves in the area because of all the calls everyone used to get. Could be wrong though!
  • paulie558paulie558 Forumite
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    Yes,it's Bowater.
    They rang me one night(cold call of course),first of all I heard a lot of chattering,so guessed it was a call centre,then came the line
    "Ah,good evening,this is a quick call from Bowater Home Improvements"
    I retorted "Quicker than you think old mate,goonite!"
    They did'nt know I drove past their offices in Norwich everyday.
    These days they send teams of blokes who look like house burglars to knock on doors.
    Would'nt touch 'em with a bargepole.They are well known for despicable tactics locally. I think they just randomly dial numbers sometimes,hopeing for a responce.
  • thanks guys, at least i know who it is trying to get in touch. I will drop them a letter and ask them to remove us from their records etc.

    Thanks for all your help
    Rock on MSE!!!
  • AllyAlly Forumite
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    OMG! I just missed a call, dialled 1471, didn't recognise the number, typed it into google and the only listing for the number (08700664457) is on MSE LOL I was just in the Arms reading, that's why I didn't answer the call :rotfl:

    Essexdelboy - they ring numbers sequentially (if that's the right word!) so they don't actually remove your number even if you ask. They are supposed to, but they just don't do it, by the time they get to calling you again, they just hope you have forgotten about the previous time and have now won the lottery and don't mind throwing your money away:D
    I can say whatever I like here ... 'cos no one can see me .. ner ner ner ner ner !!!....

    How do you know I ain't sitting here butt naked?!?!

    I thunk I've made you think for a minute!
    :j :rotfl: :j
  • I_R_JaynieI_R_Jaynie Forumite
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    just done same as previous post Ally.
    1471 revealed the 08700664457 number, then put into Google bringing up this thread online.
    Got a very weird call, sounded like someone called by accident- you know the type of muffled phone call with chattering and moving noises, just like someone forgot to lock keypad on mobile then it dialled when they put it in their pocket.:mad:
    At least I didn't have to deal with a sales person! :)
    Nice to save.
  • dag_2dag_2 Forumite
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    To be fair to Bowater / Zenith / Staybrite home improvements, they have been around for a while. They're certainly not a little start-up.

    But then again, Courts home furnishings had been a while too. It didn't stop people losing their deposits when they went belly up. So it's no recommendation.

    I think you'll find they get a computer to dial the phone numbers these days. BrightonLad may well have worked for Bowater in his younger days - but if they're not calling from India now, then they probably will be very soon.

    They do cold calling because (1) it works, and (2) it's the cheapest way for the home improvements industry to generate business. It's not just Bowater that do it, it's all their competitors too - so it's definitely a home improvements industry thing.

    Believe me, if they ever thought that radio, print or TV advertising was cheaper, then their call centres would be shut down faster than you can say knife. Telephone reps are usually employed on casual contracts for precisely that reason.
  • BrightonLadBrightonLad Forumite
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    Dag is right they have been round for YEARS. I've known them in my area for 10/11/12 years or more.

    The reason they got a bad name around town was that you would get one phone call one night, a doorstep call the next week, then theyd call you again next month. people got very fed up. We haven't heard from them for months if not years more recently.

    dag wrote:
    ...BrightonLad may well have worked for Bowater in his younger days .....

    Just to clarify, it didn't work for them myself, but it was just up the road from the 6th form i went to and some friends from college did work there cold calling!

    (i know its not that clear in my post!)
  • DonnyDaveDonnyDave Forumite
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    I had a call from that number the other day. I didn't let the caller get far enough to say who it was that was calling.

    When I answered she asked to speak to the house owner. It sounded as though she was at home and the TV was on in the background. I have received quite a few silent calls with no number left on this particular landline number which is not given out to anyone and is ex-directory, so I expected it to be that. The silent calls always come from withheld numbers.

    When I asked how she had got the number, she said it was sequential dialing.
  • pricefighterpricefighter Forumite
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    A call to Bowater Zeniths MD on 01603 401923 or fax 01603 415862 usually gets you off there list quickly.
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