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online agents.

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tigslytigsly Forumite
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I'm adding a poll... but I wonder how many people have gone on to sell or not through an online agent.. for me the saving would be massive - or a bit - depending on how brave i am .. but is there an insentive to sell if you pay the £500 upfront.. with nothing to pay after?!

Have you used an online agent.. 13 votes

No - I felt 'a local agent' would be better
38% 5 votes
Yes - and sold
30% 4 votes
Yes and Didn't sell
0% 0 votes
Other !
30% 4 votes


  • ging84ging84 Forumite
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    you poll options are not very all encompassing
    the majority of people would probably not have even considered an online agent, so it wouldn't be particularly accurate to choose your first answer of "No - I felt 'a local agent' would be better" so the only suitable answer for most people would be other
  • tigslytigsly Forumite
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    I hear lots of 'i went online and sold' reviews.. but very few 'i went online and didn't sell...' so I was wondering if the majority sold..

    My gut reaction is telling me if a house is priced right it will sell..

    I'm in south london - so even i a basic house is quite a high cost to sell.. Your talking 7 grand.. which is a massive difference to the £500 you might pay with an online agent..

    Of course if the majority of people dont sell via online - because they dont market the property properly.. then its a different story..IYSWIM :)

    Perhaps I should just have had the 2 options.. i sold i didint?
  • Hoof_HeartedHoof_Hearted Forumite
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    tigsly wrote: »
    My gut reaction is telling me if a house is priced right it will sell..

    Your gut reaction is broadly correct as most potential purchasers check online sites,
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  • cattiecattie Forumite
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    I've always sold via a bricks & mortar ea & the longest I've ever had a property on the market is just under 5 weeks. So to me, these ea's have been worth every penny.

    Most ea's already have a list of registered people looking for a similar property in the area and these tend to be the first viewers & more often than not, is where buyer is found in my (happy) experience.
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  • The answer will depend partly on how fast moving the local market is and also the demographics of potential purchasers. We sold a bungalow recently and I was very surprised to find out that virtually all of our viewers, 7 or 8, called into the EA in person to ask about the property.

    I know a more 'mature' couple who are selling a house and they didn't even look at the RM listing. It was dreadful - blurred and badly composed photos and no floorplan.

    To be fair though, I suspect the vast majority do use RM and the like, but there is a subset of buyers who do like to deal with an EA in person and may not be so likely to contact an online agent.
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  • hazyjohazyjo Forumite
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    I haven't used an online agent, but will definitely try next time. I'm now in an area where things generally sell quickly. My house (before I bought) did hang around for a while, but only because it was very unloved, magnolia, empty, and needed stuff doing (kitchen wasn't great). When I sell, it'll be a much loved nicely decorated (IMO!) home and I do think it'll go quick. (I know everyone says that, but I'm fairly up on the local property market!)

    The key with online is to go for it if you know/think your property will sell easily. If it's likely to hang around, I'd go with an EA.

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