Lloyds Vantage/TSB Enhanced Accounts

When Lloydstsb bank first allowed "Advantage" to be added to their classic c/a's you could have as many as 7. Latter years they limmited them to 3, but those who already had more than 3 kept them. I have now been swapped to the new (old) TSB bank and the 4 "Vantage" accounts I had have become "Enhanced" accounts.
One of my Enhanced accounts is a "Gold" Account giving me various benifits for a monthly fee. Now that I am older I do not require these benifits so asked the TSB to stop taking the payments and revert this account to a classic "Enhanced", to which they told me I could not retain the Enhanced as I already had 3.
Has anyone else had this happen to them or any views on this ?


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    Ask to have the Gold removed and have a standard current account. Then just upgrade to Enhance via the click of a button via your online login.
  • they will not do so as I have allready got 3 Enhanced accounts.(4) at present
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    Let them close the Enhance account, and then you replace it with a Lloyds Vantage.

    Assuming you're simply looking for a home for £5K making 3%?

    Or take the view that all good things come to an end, and look at BoS Vantage, Nationwide FlexDirect, et al, all of which will give an equal or better return.

    If the account in question is your main account, close one of your other Enhance accounts and then downgrade this one.
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