Blackhorse Hire Purchase - Advice needed

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Please can someone help?

I've been wanting to do this for a while but not had the time to sit down the ask questions / compile letters etc.

In year 2004, I stupidly opened a hire purchase agreement for my partner (now ex partner) for a vehicle at Motor World (West Midlands) - the loan provider was Blackhorse.

Long story - but we split and she stopped making the payments. I tried to fight this with both Blackhorse and the FOS, explaining that although this agreement was in my name, the car did not belong to me. I knew I wouldn't win but thought I'd spend the time to try and fight this - the FOS did not agree with the claim. The car was auctioned off and I am now paying £50.00 a month to Lowell Financial and this agreement is in place for a high number of years.

I am now looking to open up this complaint again on two grounds and would be grateful for some advice as to whether I am wasting my time, or if I have a slim chance of winning.

1) When I purchased the vehicle from the garage at Motor World, I explained to the sales advisor that the car was not for me, but was for my partner (who was in attendance) - the salesperson told me that even though the finance document is in my name, my partner is purely responsible for the payments and any missed payments would be on her credit file, and not mine. I went ahead on this basis (I was 18 and naive, it was the first time I was signing up to a credit agreement so believed what the salesperson said) - I'm now left with a big default on my credit file and out of pocket.

2) The car has now been auctioned off - however, I remember a bailiff calling me to arrange collection of the car. I specifically told the bailiff that I did not want the car to be taken away, but if I could have the car in my possession (it was still with my ex and her new partner used to threaten me if I came anywhere near the car, even though it was mine!) - the bailiff ignored my requests, and called her and arranged with her to collect the car. A few days later, I was unaware this arrangement had been made and received a letter from Blackhorse to say they are now auctioning the car - the car was taken without my consent.

I am looking to complain that the actual car was mis-sold to me via Motor World - they gave me incorrect information and I went ahead with the agreement on the basis of what the salesman said. Secondly, the car was taken away from me without my consent.

Do I have any chance of actually fighting this, or am I wasting my time?

Thanks guys



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