Would appreciate some advice/hand holding..

VCS must be a recent addition to Humberside airport as they have not really been mentioned prior to July 2013.

Usual story, the driver was late and saw passenger already waiting at bus stop 100-200 yards from terminal entrance, pulled up and they loaded suit case and jumped in. 30 seconds top.

Rather nervously I have written a letter to appeal and have adapted one by Coupon-mad citing that registered keeper's liability does not apply at Humberside airport as not 'relevant land' under POFA as has own Byelaws (dated 1999); VCS does not state who the creditor is on the notice, signs- (driver did not notice but they are there) difficult to read while moving and therefore questionable whether a 'contract' had been entered into.

However, I can't help think although it will be a bit of effort. it will cause a lot of angst and the list of POPLA appeals outcomes suggests only approximately 50% success.

Once an appeal is lost POPLA advises payment. What do folk tend to do at that point because POPLA has no legal bearing?
If an appeal is lost, does that not give VCS ammunition for any court case?

Should a letter even bother inviting them to send POPLA code and an appeal process?

All advice gratefully received.

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