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cat took her own stitches out!

in Pets & pet care
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hi all,

Darcy got spayed last Friday and she is due to have her stitches removes on sept 4th. I have just come home from work and she has removed her buster collar and took her own stitches out!!

the wound hasn't opened up. its very clean and neat.

what should I do?


  • scaredy_catscaredy_cat Forumite
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    keep an eye on the wound, if she isn't bothering it that's good. if it does open get to the vets asap.
    Cats don't have owners - they have staff!! :D:p
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  • Ring your vet and tell them what's happened. (Not expressing a medical opinion, but my sisters cat ripped her spay stitches out two days after the Op. Vet said not to worry, she'd healed very fast and there was no point re-suturing.)
  • merlin1merlin1 Forumite
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    At nearly 7 days I wouldn't worry, as long as the wound is clean closed and not red or inflamed and she isnt constantly 'at it' (buster back on if she is, and as said if the wound opens take her straight back) then all should be well. :) stitches out are usually 7-10 days, so maybe she got a little impatient bless her x
  • donnac2558donnac2558 Forumite
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    Happened to me when I had Cleo. I did tell the vet she would do it but the vet wouldn't listen. Cleo being a genius took them out one day at a time. The vet just laughed when I brought her back to officially get them out. No side effects, the wound wasn't brand new, she started a few days into healing.
  • moggymuttmoggymutt Forumite
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    That's why I love dissolvable inverted stitches so much.
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