Credit card debt paid but

My son had a debt with Capital One, he gave me the money and I paid it in Feb 2004. I have proof on my bank statement that the cheque was cashed. We are now on the fifth credit chasing company re. this debt. We have sent each one of them faxes of the bank statement.

When todays letter arrived I rang the latest lot up immediately and explained the situation. I also advised that if they continue with their threat to take my son to court that they will not only lose the case but will be responsible for the costs and damages. I did not shout or swear but was told that I was being abusive and they hung the phone up on me.

Whilst this is continuing it appears as a blot on my son's credit rating and we can find no way of getting it resolved.



  • bonnie_2
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    did you write your sons account no on back of cheque i had this problem when dad wrote me a cheque and forgot,but when they saw the bank statement they cleared it just a thought.
  • janeybee_2
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    Yes. And we put the reference no they gave us.

    As an accountant I usually accept a bank statement as proof that a cheque has been sent and passed. I may have to go back to the bank and get the original cheque, but this is expensive with no guarantee that expenses will be reimbursed. Added to that I am no longer dealing with this bank.
  • deemy2004
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    Did you get a statement from capital one showing that the balance has been cleared ?

    Are you sure your not making a mistake i.e. that your sons continued spending on subsquent statements ?

    Many a time Ive gone to fix an internet / network problem, and the first thing I ask the people have you paid the bill ?, are you sure ? Yes paid, yes sure.

    An hour or so later find out by callin the ISp that it was never paid and that the service had been suspended. :rolleyes:

    So be double, neigh triple sure that there is no balance outstanding.
  • doelani
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    As your bank for a copy of the cheque, on the back of it will be the sort code and account number of the account it was cashed through
    TOTAL 44 weeks lose. 6st 9.5lb :T
  • mrwibble
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    janeybee wrote:
    I did not shout or swear but was told that I was being abusive and they hung the phone up on me.

    Unfortunately some debt chasers have an interesting definition of "abusive" - any attitude other than "i'm running round now with cash" - ie my commission is not getting paid by being reasonable - threaten me with legal action = threaten to withold my bonus. No doubt any court action would have evidence introduced that you were "abusive" to their "reasonable enquiries" " so proving that Mr X is a typical nasty debt-dodger M'lud".

    Don't even bother talking to these monkeys - do EVERYTHING in writing - they will do likewise once they realise what you are up to. Also approach Capital One in writing by name to the most senior person in the UK - MD or whatever - explaining in terse language the situation and cc watchdog, local MP, Cap 1 CEO in US etc etc etc. In my experience starting at the top for these sort of issues is usually a quick way to resolution for relatively minor issues (won't work for £ millions in debt !) - to avoid any publicity they will write it off and call off the apes.
  • janeybee_2
    janeybee_2 Posts: 10 Forumite
    Thanks. That seems pretty constructive. I'll pass this on to my son whose problem this is.
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