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Anyone had to have their dog's eye removed?

My collie boy is blind in his right eye. It's a birth defect and he's known no different.

I've had him 2 years and he's been to the vet twice for minor eye irritations, we're not sure what's happened when he's hurt them but his 3rd eyelid comes over and he has a course of medication.

I spoke to the vet about having it removed. Purely because it upsets me when I see him in discomfort, I know it's only been a couple of times but it still upsets me.

Now to put him through the procedure would mean he would have to wear a neck collar for a couple of weeks and this would worry me as having no sight on his right side, he'll be constantly catching it on doors, door frames etc :( plus I'm worried that "if" there is anything in his eye to help him, be it shadow or light, then I'll be taking that away.

Plus, will he cope without the eye? does the eye still have muscle memory to want to blink even if it's sewn up.

It's such a quandry to know what to do for the best.


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    A few years ago, a dog of mine had to have an eye removed, he had a tumour in it.
    At first, he did bump into things but soon learned to compensate and really, unless you looked closely at him, you couldn't even tell he had had it removed. It certainly didn't seem to bother him.
    I don't think he wore the neck collar for two weeks, in fact, I don't think he wore one at all, he didn't get on with it so I just kept an eye on him.
    I think losing the eye will bother you much more than it will bother him.
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