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closed account

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I had a savings account with Halifax with a grand total of £8.35 which I have now closed and got the £8.35 back. I had a piece of documentation back from them which I need to sign and on it, it says "you'll remain liable for any loss suffered by Halifax in respect of any transactions done by you either prior to closure of the account but not yet presented, or transactions done by you following closure of the account. Halifax is entitled to per sue you for recovery of any losses incurred as a result of your actions"

Can someone explain to me what this means as I'm a bit confused. How can Halifax be effected by a savings account that I've now closed?


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    Generic bit of boiler plate.
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    For example, if they accidentally transferred a large sum of money to your account and then your closed it withdrew that money, they would still have the right to chase you for that money when they figured out it was a banking error.

    Likewise, if you had a debit card you could have used it offline, then closed the account, so the transaction would appear after the closure and they would re-open the account.

    I know your payment was only £8, but its standard wording.
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