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Keeping pet costs down

in Pets & pet care
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I have 6 cats well 5 as one hasnt ben back for a week i think he has a new home. 2 dogs.

The dogs are fine but the cats! they eat for england how can i keep the costs down, I have thought about feeding them less because they have started bringing birds/mice etc in and just playing with them not eating them and im wondering if thier overfed a bit like those lions in china who get too much food then start eating the cows that are put in with them alive! gross

I was getting through 3 tims of felix and 1/2 box of biscuits a day but ive gone onto a more expensive biscuit and they seem to be fine on that plus 1-2 tims of meat a day, is that too much still or too little?
3 of the girl cats are very small 1/2 the size of normal cats due to thier mum, the boys one is v. fat and needs a treadmill and the other only eats his fill then goes catching rabbits!

Any ideas on good cheap cat food? or alternatives?

Total Joint Debt £139k :eek:
Proud to be dealing with our debts:T


  • JennyW_2JennyW_2 Forumite
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    I don't think your cats need tinned and biscuit - probably a bit too much. Can you not get to a Pets at Home store or similar and buy in bulk - this would be much cheaper.

    As for them bringing in cats/mice - this is what cats do regardless of whether they are hungry or not.
  • Garry2Garry2 Forumite
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    My girlfriend's parents have three cats and considered moving them all on to dry food only, but the vet talked them out of it, saying they need a varied diet.

    Now they're on a pouch of wet food in the morning, dry in the evening and two meals a day does them just fine. Just make sure they all get their fair share!

  • lil_melil_me Forumite
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    My cat was a fussy sod when I had her but soon got her switched to dry food only, better for their teeth aswell

    Dogs mine are both on working dog food which is VAT free, alternative if you have a local LIDL is they do a dry which works out about the same cost.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
    GC: £200
    Slinkies target 2018 - another 70lb off (half way to what the NHS says) so far 25lb
  • SnowyOwl_2SnowyOwl_2 Forumite
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    Alternatives I give to my cats are left over roast chicken, occasional slice of ham (not often as it's too salty), tinned tuna, prawns when on offer at the supermarket, fish/crabsticks. Mash whichever delicacy up and mix in with diet Hill's biscuits, or give it on its own every now and again. My cats like the variety and really aren't fussy eaters at all. Apparently tinned cat food is v.bad for their teeth - my two have no plaque at all, and I have had both of them for over a year now and they only get tinned food on an occasional basis. They also have amazing thick and glossy coats.
  • Cat72Cat72 Forumite
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    Definately put them on to dry food it is much cheaper plus a lot heathier for the cats .I switched ages ago due to my vets advice and you notice the differance in their coats and poos ! I have ought a few dry foods but now use james wellbeloved and my cats love it and they look much healthier on this.There are several different flavours plus I give them tuna & fish now & again for a treat.
    I have 4 cats and use just over a 3kg bag a month which costs £9.99.( i have 2 cats that eat non stop- one of my cats is more like the size of a dog, i call him desert orchid ! ) However often it is on special at pets at home ( buy 1 bag get one half price ) and som,e bags have an extra 50% free.You can also buy a huge bag at £19.99 but I got fed up trying to store it ! All cats LOVE james wellbeloved turkey, and if you go on to their web site they will send you some samples here .I would avoid a lot of the supermarket dry cat foods as they are rubbish for your cats health and iams as had terrible reports of causing kidney stones plus they test on cats.
    I would definately ditch the biscuits and give them cheap bits of meat from the butchers or supermarket that is on specail as a treats- thats if they need any.My cats dont bring in mice thankfully !
  • keelykatkeelykat Forumite
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    Hello, we feed our cats meat and biscuits, but mainly biscuits-they only have a bit of tinned meat a day. They eat mainly the more expensive biscuits such as Pro plan or james well beloved, as the cheaper biscuits are bulked up with rubbish basically which isnt that good for them. Biscuits are better for cats teeth, but a bit of meat wont hurt. Ours get bored quicky, so we swap brands sometimes and buy different flavours. We buy in bulk if possible, as it works out a lot cheaper. We dont personally find pets at home to be the cheapest, but it depends where you live and what shops you can get to i guess.

    Mommy to Elliot (5) and Lewis (born xmas eve 11!)
  • If you can find a friendly farmer or hunter you may be able to get a cheap/free supply of rabbit meat. Farmers often cull large numbers of rabbits because they devastate crops.

    You should cook the meat properly as it may have parasites.
  • MissMuppetMissMuppet Forumite
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    My cat has constant access to dry food (Iams) and then he'll have half a tray of Felix in the morning and the other half in the evening... he seems like a happy cat! Wish it didn't cost so much though!
  • PrudentPrudent Forumite
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    Check out your local focus. I often get big bags of dried food reduced from around £12 14 to £2.
  • HelzBelzHelzBelz Forumite
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    My 3 are mainly on dry, but have 1 sachet between them morning and evening, it's more of a checking they're OK.
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