Remortgage now credit file clear with additional Lend !!!!

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Just opened this forum account so please go easy on me if i get anything wrong !

Myself and my wife and 2 kids have had or house for the last 7.5 years mortgaged with abbey aka now Santander. we had 2 x 2 year fixed rates with them and the associated fee's each time,

My problem is i'm an idiot ! i ran up an unsecured loan currently circa 9k and 2 x credit card circa 10k ! impressive i know and lets say got into difficulties, however recovered myself, only went as far as late payments but not in the last 12/18 months, my mortgage has never missed a payment but santander refuse to give a new fix rate as they apparently 'profile' their customers regardless of credit file/score and i no longer fit their profile. My wifes file is immaculate and mine is good and based on combined wages the online mortgage calcs reckon we can get 30-40k more than we actually want but we seem to get declined. HELP !

Any advise greatfully recieved, i will have a large investment come to fruition in 2.5yrs meaning can overpay the mortgage back down (company share scheme win win situation)

sorry for the wittering spiel just confused wher to turn !

figures, house bought 125k with 20k deposit, now down to 89k and want 105k to clear all debts.....:eek:


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