Pension/Annuity Death Benefit

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I am in the process of sorting out all my father's paperwork (he died last month). He had a private pension annuity, does anyone know if there would be any kind of death benefit for that?

HMRC's website states that there usually is, but looking back at the paperwork I can only find the total amount of the annuity and not really much on any pay out of the difference.

I contacted the pension provider, and they have said that the policy was set up on a joint life basis, so no further payments are due as my mother is also dead.

However, that makes no sense at all as my mother died in 1992, and the annuity was taken out in 2004, and my father never remarried?

I hasten to add, pensions/annuities etc are not my forte so to speak!

Thanks in advance!
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    It's unlikely but not completely impossible that there could be a death benefit

    Replies to your other thread spell this out in more detail so I won't repeat it.
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