Propagating roses

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Has any one had success with taking cuttings of roses?

I have taken cuttings of my ramblers (Veilchenblau and Felicite Perpetue) and some roses I don't know the names of, but have only just done them so I don't know if they will succeed.

Rose plants are so expensive to buy, so I'd like to try taking cuttings from friends plants too.

If you have propagated roses from cuttings: any tips, and how long did it take to get a garden sized plant?

Any books on the subject you can recommend?


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    My OH got a bee in his bonnet after watching Monty Don take cuttings of his last year and swiftly pruned all our roses for cuttings,he literally just chopped the end 6 inches or so off (think it was around september) and stuck them in a pot of multipurpose compost.He rubbed the shoots off apart from the last couple and blow me down they've all taken!
    They'll be left in their pots til early next year then planted out,where I don't know lol

    I do similar with my fruit but never realised roses were so easy when you think how much they cost.
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    Just relating my experiences with rose cuttings...

    They are flourishing so very well, I have a very flowery hedge along the fences and keep my vases in colour June-Sept. :D
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    Thanks D&DD and unhappyshopper for your replies - that's very encouraging. I am hoping for success as I am moving house soon and want to have cuttings of the roses in my current garden to take with me. I will have a much bigger garden when I move and am planning a "cutting garden" and would like to grow more roses (but will be paying a larger mortgage so won't have much money for buying plants) so I think I will be visiting family and friends with my snippers!
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