How to water Alpine plants

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Hello all,

I do so hope this isn't a silly question and the answer will start with "first take a watering can"..... :D:o

I've planted five pans each with an alpine in. Saxifrage, that sort of thing. Plus mound type plants.

I've used part potting compost, part sand and part grit, watered around the plants and top dressed with slate.

Now I think I am right in saying that the laugh in the face of frost. Its winter wet that the don't like, especially wet feet. Hopefully the mix I have used with take care of that.

What I was wondering was the best way to water given they are in pots rather than the ground or indeed how often. Am I best to water from the top but not as often as bedding plants in pots, or let them drink what they want by standing them in a bowl of water for 5 minutes.



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    Alpines have different watering requirements depending on where they come from. The term covers plants from all over the world, so best to look them up individually to see what they like. Some are tough as old boots, some are faddy little blighters. But it looks as if you have made a good start by using grit to give them good drainage. Monty Don has started to grow alpines on Gardeners World, so it might be worth watching that.
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