super fast delivery to Australia

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Goodness gracious, I appear to have just got something to Australia standard airmail in less than a week :eek:

Recently my Australian post has been mega slow, I dread having lots of 'where is my item' cases open as 2-3 weeks has been normal for delivery. However this item was posted Monday and I've just received glowing feedback.

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    Wow! I hope we're as lucky. We posted an item there on 21st March and have already had the buyer asking where their item is. Managed to placate them so far...
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    Recently had 5 days. Delivery seems to be a lottery there, had as quick as 5 days and as long as 3 weeks before. Guess it takes longer to reach some of the really out of the way places.
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    I've completely blocked the USA from my auctions, airmail seems to work ok, but their customs are something else! :(

    And even if all goes well, US buyers seem to expect delivery about 8 hours after the auction ends, and when the item fails to materialise, I get a :mad: email!... Frankly I'd rather my unwanted items gather dust at home than head across the Atlantic!
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    Oz-UK-Oz used to be fantastic many years ago.

    My Mum in Oz would send me a letter in London on a Monday, I'd have it in my hands in time to reply and have it back to her on the Friday or Saturday.
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