MSE Blog: Giving up smoking bought me better health… and a holiday

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Giving up smoking bought me better health… and a holiday

"I never made the choice to be a smoker. It was a lot of stupid little decisions that got me hooked. It’s addictive stuff..."

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  • allinavallinav Forumite
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    I smoked 30 a day for 36 years and gave up 5 years ago. I still save my 'fag' money every week (£60.00) so far it has bought me a trip to New York, Las Vegas, and a laptop. I quit when they were about £5.35 a pack, now I believe they are over £7.00! I honestly could not afford to smoke these days- not 30 a day at least. I am loads better off for quitting, and not just financially.
    I would never push someone into quitting, it has to be when its the right time for them. You can be told all the scare stories etc, but you need to be ready to do it. The only regret I have is that I didn't do it years ago, I found it dead easy to quit using patches- I know I'm lucky, some have an awful time, but for me it was very very easy to do.
  • j.e.j.j.e.j. Forumite
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    I found giving up ciggies far easier than giving up chocolate :o
    I wonder how much I would save if I could kick the sugary snacks :rotfl:
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