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Car Tyre life expectancy

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Car Tyre life expectancy

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MaybedaisyMaybedaisy Forumite
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Opinions on this please. I have a 09 plate deisel corsa d. I do about 5k a year in it. Less than 2% of which is motorway. It has 30k on the clock because it had 11k on when i bought it.

I replaced the tyres in feb 2011 and am being told by kwik fit that they need doing again.

They also say the brake discs need doing. Is this acceptable for such low mileage. My last car also a corsa did the same mileage and journey and did not go through tyres like this.


  • You don't say which tyres. Buy cheap tyres and they can be worn before you know it. On cheaper tyres I've had only 8,000 miles, on more expensive ones I've had 28,000 at 50% wear - so a guestimate of 40,000 full lifespan.

    As for the discs it depends how you brake. If you're always braking your discs won't last as long.
  • daveyjpdaveyjp Forumite
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    Surely you can look and see how much tread you have on tyres?

    Either its Kwikfit pulling a fast one, or they have identified wear that you may not be aware of.

    My choice would be to go to an independent garage for an opinion rather than an outfit who have shareholders to pay on an annual basis so need to keep profits up.
  • tberry6686tberry6686 Forumite
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    Type of tyres, Style of driving, pressures correct, tracking ok, etc.

    Anything can have an effect on tyre life so there can be no hard and fast guide to tyre life.

    If KwikFit told me I needed new tyres and brake disks I would check if I even had disks fitted and also check if I had wheels on the car. Yes they are generally one of the biggest cowboy outfits around.

    Having said that it is possible that you need new disks due to corrosion not wear (it's rare for brake disks to wear out these days, corrosion kills them pretty quickly with the poor quality metal they are being made from these days).

    Why not have a look at the tyres yourself. A tread guage costs a couple of quid and will tell you if they are near the limit, a quick look will show you if there is any tyre damage to the walls etc.

    I'll bet there's about 4mm tread left and no damage to the tyre walls (unless you have a habit of kerbing them or doing full throttle take offs, although even then, in a diesel Corsa - unlikely to be causing a problem)
  • Johnmcl7Johnmcl7 Forumite
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    Have you actually checked the tyres yourself? Kwik-fit told me my six month old tyres and brakes were needing replaced which was nonsense, both were absolutely fine.

  • forgotmynameforgotmyname Forumite
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    As above, They told you that you need new ones.

    Have you actually checked them?

    Ideally they would like you to change them with 4mm+ of wear left, Even though the limit is 1.6mm.

    Plenty of miles left.
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    MankysteveMankysteve Forumite
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    First off don't go to Kwik fit go to a decent local inddy garage.

    Your tyres have will have wear indicator on your tyres If you look at the treads you see little raised bits in them when there level with the tyre surface it needs changing.

    Also how old are the brake disks?
    How much material are left on the pads?
    Are your getting any shuddering under brakeing ?
    Any noises?
    Also have you got alloys so you can run a finger nail across the disk and feel and lips or scrapes?

  • ntb1ntb1 Forumite
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    Kwik fit and barge pole. Ie don't touch. Would second using local indie. And the make of tyre can make a massive difference.
  • LumLum Forumite
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    So you've done 10k on these tyres?

    Agree with all the above comments about Kwik Fit often being a bunch of lying thieves and to check it yourself, but it is theoretically possible that the front tyres might need replacing. A front wheel drive car with a heavy diesel lump up front is going to chew through tyres more quickly than some older cars.

    Add in a combination of driving style, an area full of speed bumps and pot holes etc. and they could be getting low.

    But yes, check them yourself, look for the tyre wear bar:


    If any one of those bars is flush with the surface of the tyre, then the tyre is at or below the legal limit and needs to be replaced. Also if the tyre isn't worn evenly you might want to get your alignment checked, but not at Kwik Fit.
  • only_meeonly_mee Forumite
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    Kwik fit now use the hunter wheel alignment system
  • LumLum Forumite
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    That's a great system, when used by somebody who knows what they're doing.
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