New Job, New Payroll System. Arrears/Advance

Hi Guys,

Just had my contract an details through for my new job. I'm really confused with the payment system so if someone could clear it up for me laymans terms it would be greatly appreciated.

I start my job March the 11th.

"Salaries will be paid 2 weeks in arrears and 2 weeks in advance on 15th of the month."

Can anyone explain how this works and when I can expect to be paid?




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    What it means is that you are paid on the 15th of the month, for that month's work. So for example on 15th March you receive a payment, to cover work carried out between 1st March - 31st March. This is what the two weeks in arrears and two weeks in advance means - you have already worked two of the weeks and the other two are being paid in advance.

    You should check with your employer about your first payment. In theory it should be paid on the 15th, covering the period from 11th - 31st March. However, they might not have time to set you up on the payroll system. My employer has a similar pay day but if it's your first month and you miss the normal pay day, they will make an ad-hoc payment on the last day of the month.
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