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Struggling to pay VM bills

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MerceyMercey Forumite
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When we signed up to VM when we moved here in august, we were in a position to afford them.
In the last 2 months we have been in financial difficulty's with more to come, as of april we are going to need to find a extra £30 a week, as we are already budgeted tight, something needs to give.
the last 6 weeks we have lived on next to nothing, but got by, no money in bank, just hand outs,
Now I just rang VM to find out why this months bill is near on £90 to be told late payment charges etc, I asked for this to be wavered given the circumstances, and she agreed.
I then asked her about lowering my package to enable us to afford this, she said the best options were to go to a direct debit, when I explained I can't do a direct debit as I can't risk them taking money out when there may be nothing in there, she said well its the best way of saving some money, I said how much, she said £5.
Ok so your knocking my bill down to how much? she said roughly £75 a month!
I explained I cannot afford this at all, for her to go into a spill of there is no other option at all! I said hold on can you speak to my husband please, for her to hang up on me!!!!!!

As far as I can see my only option is to not pay and lose all tv and internet and phone line! I wouldn't mind I can prob get a internet pay as you go dongle, but I don't want to be hit with debt letters,
I am so worried now I don't know what to do :(


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    macmanmacman Forumite
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    Unfortunately you agreed a minimum term contract, and that continues to apply despite any change in your financial circumstances. How long is your minimum term?
    If they have offered you a £10 reduction in your contract price and to waive the late payment fee, then you should accept, as they are not obliged to offer you anything, either a reduction or a downgrade, while you remain in minimum term. You can further reduce the billing by working out a way to prioritise your budget and pay by DD-that''s an instant saving of £60pa, and will also avoid any possibility of late payment charges on top.
    Not paying will result not just in loss of services, but in trashing your credit record for the next 6 years.
    PS: A visit to the Debt-Free Wannabe board might be a wise next move if you have general financial issues.
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  • you can't cancel while under contract but you can change to lower packages.

    XL to M+ TV for example
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    You are always 'under contract' if service is being provided. Any minimum term will be 12 or 18 months - see your welcome letter. You were right to refuse the DD offer, true, you can save up to £60pa but the costs are greater when payments bounce.

    Downgrade every service to basic - if they refuse ask to speak to a supervisor. You are being responsible in forewarning them of your financial issues, and if faced with the alternative - losing money and you departing, they should be seen as being helpful.
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