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I love encouraging birds into the garden, but the cost of feeding them is becoming daft. I have just tipped the last of 30 quids worth (bought 2 weeks ago!) into the feeders. As I am planning my summer planting any money saving tips would be welcome.


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    Ivy is good for winter berries. Elderberry is good. Sunflowers and teasels, though the latter can be a right royal pain when they self seed. Herbs will encourage insects, which helps birds. Woodpiles can encourage beetles and other insects, which are good for some birds. Over winter many birds pick off the insects from the bark of larger trees such as Oak. I suppose cherry must be good since so many complain about the birds taking the fruit.
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    try sowing seeds of Sunflowers, Echinops (thistle), Teasle, evening primrose, cornflowers, or you can buy seed mixes especially for attracting birds into your garden.

    Bergamot, st Johns Wort, and shrubs with berries such as berberis, cotoneaster & Pyracantha are also popular with the various birds that visit my garden.
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    amaranth grains (realseeds sell them here) , which would be a little different.

    I would also suggest keeping the ground well manured if you can to encourage insects. I have been to my lottie this week and noticed the manure I put down at the start of last season as a weed suppressant feed/fertilizer was now rotted down and well picked over by the birds.
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