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Hi everyone! :)

I'm very new to this board so please be gentle!

I have a massive garden which is horrible, overgrown bushes, uneven bumpy grass and lots and lots of overgrown BlackBerry bushes, it needs sorting out and I have no idea where to begin.

I have lived here for a year so far and the property was empty for two years before that (the previous owners weren't keen gardeners) so you can imagine the state! Last year we managed to cut down a 8 foot high 13 foot long hedge, managed to burn half of the branches but half are still left, the stumps are still in the ground and are massive.

I am getting married in two and a half years and would like to do my own flowers, I like the idea of having an outdoorsy wedding so meadow flowers/wild flowers would be ideal, but I have no idea where to start with them!

The town in an ex mining town and the soil is very clay like, I have a lawnmower, strimmer, fork spade hoe and hand held tools.

Any advice or ideas you could give me would be very very helpful indeed!! :)


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    Depends what flowers you want and when they come into full bloom.

    Dont forget a lot of flowers are grown under cover and possibly even heated.

    July/August/September time there will me more choice. But plenty of flowers for early in the year.

    Xmas wedding is OK if you like walking down the isle with an evergreen bush :)

    You need to narrow it down a bit.
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    When I got married I had greens such as Ivy and a shrub which I have no idea what is that we had in the garden which was incorporated in the bouquet and buttonholes. We also used a lot of evergreens on the table and on the ends of the seats in the church and on the arch outside the church for photos in case it rained. A few flowers picked out from the bouquet brought the costs right down but carried through the colour theme. If you can figure out the likely month that might help a bit more for you to decide on what type of flowers to grow. Even if you plant Gyp, carnations and the like this year you will have time to see how they establish and if you might like them or go another direction. I saw someone with just sunflowers for their bouquet and that was really lovely.
  • I had an august wedding and the plants i used could of come from a garden, hydranger, love in the mist, Ivy and Fern also gypsy, lavender.

    But we need to know when the wedding is?
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    We had a wonderful wildflower border last year from seed. We saw a programme about the wildflower meadows being planted around the Olympics and bought from the same people - - very pleased with the results and it couldn't be easier.
  • Sorry :) its July,

    and I'm not bothered what type of flowers they are just wild ones you would find in a meadow :) very relaxed and informal
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    Have a look at some of the "how to be a gardener'' episodes on youtube with alan titchmarsh. I've listed a few, there are many more
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