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freeview or freesat

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anmmanmm Forumite
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we will soon be moving to a new home (if everything goes to plan), and the property does not currently have any form of tv aerial.

I don't want sky or virgin installed so will go down the freesat or freeview route. It will need to be fed to about 4/5 different rooms, if possible?

Also any idea how much this would/should roughly cost?


  • nomoneytodaynomoneytoday Forumite
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    £186.25 ?
  • penrhynpenrhyn Forumite
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    Does that include the Mast head amp. or Octal LNB?
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  • £186.25 ?
    Does that include the TVs or would they be extra?
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    You're sortof asking how long a piece of string is, hence the answers above - you'll need to get a few installers out to do quotes to get actual prices.
    With satellite, you need one feed from dish to receiver. You need 2 feeds for a recording box to do the watch while you record thing. With aerial, you'll have, the aerial with 1 cable into the roofspace, and then you'll need an amplifier/distributor in the roofspace, with 1 cable going to each TV. This means you'll need power in your roofspace.
    Either way, I would guess for the amount of cabling that's going to happen (and I'm guessing there is NONE which probably isn't true) it'll be over £200 to install cabling plus a dish or aerial.
  • we needed new aerial, also due to area surrouned by hills etc an amp; we had to pay £350 that was four bedrooms plus lounge area in a large bungalow, in the hol let we had free sat, was charged £60 for dish only two points in there.
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