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Hello all,

I recently insured my car (9th of Jan) after a few months of my car being off road. I did your usual Meer-Comparing and found the Cheapest and well rounded quote from Swinton. So I bought the insurance, all was well. 11th Jan I had a courtesy call from Swinton who asked if I was happy and then explained all the details and I was asked to send a copy of my Proof of 10years+ NCB from my old insurer. If I had any trouble with this then all I needed to do was to call the local Swinton office with my old policy number and details of my prev insurer and they would sort it for me. Fine thought I.

Called the AA asked for a copy of the NCB on the 14th. There was no sign of it by the 21st, there was snow and bad weather so I called again they said they would send another copy. Mean while I thought it best to cover everything and I called my local Swinton office offered my old policy number and was told that Swinton doesn't contact other insurers regarding no claims and that I would have to get it myself. But I have until the 9th of Feb to produce it. After that I will either be Charged Admin charges and the cost of my policy will go up or I will be charged admin and my policy will be cancelled. 23rd Jan I received a letter from Swinton stating that this was the 'Final Notice' and if they did not receive proof of NCB then my policy would be cancelled.

Annoyed now that have been lied to/mislead, firstly on the 'we can sort your no claims' and 'you have until 9th of feb' I had thought about canceling completely however 23rd was the last day of the 14 days cooling off. So I decided to call the local branch and complain. I couldn't get hold of the manager as she was either in meeting, with a customer or was out of office. 24th I had the same.. called head office in Manchester they told me I had to speak to my local branch. 25th Proof of NCB arrived from the AA popped it in the post with a strongly worded letter of complaint and sent recorded. Requesting that my policy be updated with the NCB.

This morning (31st Jan) I received two letters from Swinton the first telling me that I have been charged a default of £25 and that they would charge my debit card for this (doesn't say what it is, the D/D are still in place with the bank) and the second letter stating that my policy had been cancelled as I had failed to provide them with the relevant documentation. I now would incur admin charges, lose deposit, charged for time at risk and charged for cancelling my policy.

So I don't know what to do. I've stuck my car in my garage. But as far who to complain to first I have no clue. Financial Ombudsman say I need to follow Swinton complaints. Swinton HO tell me I need to start with my local office. But how do you complain to folk who wont speak to you over the phone or answer a letter and I can't drive there as my local office is a 56 mile round trip and I don't have insurance.. or do I ?. Additionally, I don't want to insure with different company in case I have to for two lots.

I don't know how to tackle this really. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance peeps. And sorry about the long post.


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    Did you send the proof of no claims by recorded delivery? Or have proof of posting?

    If you can prove you sent it before the deadline then you are in a stronger position. Do you have a date in writing stating when they must have the proof of no claims by or remember the phone call? Again if they dont state a date your in a stronger position.
    If its just the call and they said the 9th feb then again thats in your favour.

    The 14 day cooling off thing doesnt really work for insurance. You can cancel anytime you like. And they can charge you for time on cover and an admin fee if they wish. Whether its day 13 or day 15.

    You really need to sort this and get the insurance re-instated and the record cleared of the cancelled policy. Otherwise you will need to declare this forever.
    And possibly have trouble finding insurers.

    After its sorted cancel pay the fees and go elsewhere or stay for the year, Whatever suits you.

    Complain in writing, Send recorded delivery so you have proof they received it. And whatever you do dont risk driving it uninsured.
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  • Yes sent Proof of NCB via recorded delivery on the 25th of Jan, which was the day I received it from previous insurer.

    Was told I had until the 9th of Feb during both the courtesy call and a call made to local branch. All documents they required where sent to them via recorded signed for delivery and I have print outs of he signatures.

    I'm looking through the paper work and the small print of their website to see if there is a deadline for no claims.

    I bought a machine to record telephone conversations. Should they phone me or I them I'll record the conversation. I think it's handy to have when dealing with anyone nowadays.

    Why would I need to declare the cancellation ? what would the impact be of the cancellation ?

    Will follow your advice and try and clear it. But from the experience of last week and this I don't think it will be a straight forward thing.

    As for my car, that's in the garage and will stay there until I have something on paper to say I'm covered.

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Impact on cancellation could be that a lot of insurers wont touch you and the ones that do may load the premium.

    If its been noted that you have had the policy cancelled and you fail to declare it you could be looking at another cancelled policy. And find getting insurance for a sensible price almost impossible.
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