Advice please, what to do after an accident?

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I have posted another thread about how some idiot decided to pull out of a lay-by and do a U turn right in front of my Land Rover causing loads of damage to his car and a bit to mine. I telephoned my insurance company and spent most of a long phone call listening to them trying to persuade me to make a claim for whiplash. They have now phoned back 5 times, but I have not heard from the firm who are supposed to be dealing with the damage to the car.

I have decided not to make a claim for the car as I do not want to lose my no claims and the excess is probably more then the damage will cost to fix in a local garage. What do I do? I have also not heard from the other driver who said he would ring and give me his insurance details. I have his number.

Now I do not want him to make a claim against my insurance or do a "knock for knock" as I do not want to damage my NCB and also it was all his fault for doing a dangerous maneouvre.

Should I just do nothing? Should I call the useless claims line and get hasseled for whiplash claims again, they keep saying the other firm will call me? Will this man be able to claim against my insurance?

I am sorry if I sound stupid, but the last time a car of ours was involved in an accident we were given claim forms to fill in and it was all sorted out in about a day, this has been two days now and I have heard nothing apart from the ambulance chasers. I am quite happy to do nothing and get the car repaired locally and make no claim at all, but am worried about my NCB.

Any advice please. Thanks.


  • If you don't claim then your NCD should not be affected, providing the other party does not attempt any claim against you.

    So you could cancel the claim you have notified through your insurance provider (which was taken by ML). You would still have to declare the "accident" on any future quotes/ renewal etc and there could be a small loading to your premium.

    You have notified your insurers here (ML pass on notification to your actual insurer 24 hours after you have spoken with them) so your insurers are positioned to fight off the other idiot if he tried to take a punt on claiming against you.

    Your other option is if you have the reg number for the other driver, do a search on to see if he even has insurance. It's free to be told if there is a record of insurance for that vehicle and £4 to find out the actual insurer name and policy number. You could then phone his insurers to claim against them directly.

    Do what you feel is right for you/ what you can be bothered with at the end of the day.
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    The danger is that as you've notified the incident they have opened a claim and will leave it open (so premium loading & loss of NCB at renewal) until liability is established. If you now stop pursuing your claim then how is liability going to be established?

    as for the possible future non fault loading, when I was unfortunate enough to have one it added maybe 40% to my premium
    Dangermac wrote: »
    I agree with you......

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    Thanks for the advice.

    I notified my insurance company immediately as I thought I had to especially as another car was involved. I did not want him making a claim without me getting my version in first. I shall be annoyed if it affects my NCB. or premium next year.
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