Dwell.co.uk - anyone brought forward their delivery?

I bought a sofa online at Dwell on 24th Jan, when it said 'out of stock - delivered within 2 weeks' (generally, not for my specific order). I took that with a pinch of salt obviously.

When it came back into stock yesterday, the emailed me to say I need to pick a delivery slot, but when I logged on the first one available is 19th Feb! It's not like I live in a remote place, I'm in Essex, and I had to pay £39 for delivery, yet they can't do it for 3 weeks!

I've called them to say its unacceptable, and I've emailed them to make a formal complaint, purely in the hope that they can somehow delivery it sooner, but the lady on the phone just said the earlier delivery slots in my area are full. (Despite website now saying 'in stock - delivery in one week' !)

Question is - has anyone successfully brought their delivery forward by moaning and complaining, or am I wasting my time?
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