Chamilia Bracelet - Ebay problem

I bought a Chamilia bracelet from

I never wore it and decided to sell it on ebay. I included the receipt for the bracelet in the sale.

The buyer who won the bracelet claimed it was a fake, opened up a case against me and won.

He is yet to post it back to me.

I'm now left with a bracelet that I can't sell and don't know what to do.

Collectables claim that all their stock is genuine, straight from Chamilia.

Has anyone any advice or experience of this?


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    You could try asking on the ebay forums on the site- they may be able to help you out a bit more.

    But in terms of the bracelet, wait for it to return- if you get it and the receipt and the bracelet, you could always relist or try asking the store if they will exchange for a voucher and sell that? Jewellery tends to be a bit personal and special and people tend to prefer to pick things out for themselves from shops so it feels more personal, so it may be harder to sell.

    Having said that, if you don't get everything back, you could always contact the Police as it would be theft. Don't forget to tell ebay if this happens as well, and if the buyer doesn't send things back in a timely manner, you could always just let them know that your thinking of going to the Police about the theft...(do give them a few days to send everything back though).
  • If he/she opened a case against you, they are bound to send it back via trackable means before they get their money back (I think), so you won't be out of pocket, except for listing fees I suppose.

    Do check though, that the item returned to you is the one you actually sold and not a fake the buyer has swapped yours for!!

    I would go back to collectables,co,uk and ask for proof it's not a fake which you can then use to re-sell.
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    If buyer can prove item is fake and opens the right sort of claim then beware item does not have to be returned but can be destroyed instead.

    However, you say they won the case, does the dispute actually mention it is being returned as if so the refund will be held until such time as buyer can prove item has been delivered back to you or an attempt at delivery made.

    Also, I don't know the brand, but many brands do not allow sales through a third party retailer and many 'genuine' sellers are selling fakes.

    The explanation about fakes will get a lot more response on the eBay forum (see my signature) as some of the regulars are experts on the ebay process when a buyer claims fake item
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  • Thanks for the replies.

    I contacted the stockist but they basically didn't want to know and said that it wasn't their problem which is fair enough I guess.

    I did put up a fight during the resolution centre process as the buyer claimed the hallmarks were hard to see but they were very clear and even clearly shown in a pic on the listing on ebay.

    I asked the buyer to provide proof that the item was 'fake' as I had provided receipt to prove that it was bought from a genuine stockist. They refused but despite all this Ebay sided with the buyer and the case closed in their favour.

    Ebay said that the buyer must send the item back to me for a full refund. The buyer hasn't sent it back as yet but I'm half-prepared for them sending back a different bracelet to the one I sent them, esp when they did bring up about the hallmark which I knew for a fact they were lying about. :(

    I daren't relist the bracelet if the original one does come back to me as I'm scared the same thing will happen again. I did say this to the stockist but they again said it's not their problem.

    Thanks again for all the help with this.
    Winter Woman xx
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