Does everyone get "withheld" on Primus calls?

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Just a little query- seemingly with our provider Primus or maybe its 18185( I an mot sure which) the recipient gets number "Withheld" when we ring using our landline

Is this a function of Primus/18185 communications or is it something else; it just emerging as a problem as I notice some recipients ( perhaps not wanting unwanted calls ) are now refusing such calls. I had one near London yesterday and had to ring the person on my mobile!


  • It's OK with 18185, or it was the other day when I asked my dad to check it for me.

    Mind you I thought it would withhold the number.
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    18185 (and 1899, 18866) give 'International' at certain times on certain days. It appears to be mainly weekdays at peak times but, at other times, CLI in international format (0044xxxxx) is normal.

    My CLI (in UK format) always accompanies my calls made via Primus.
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    If I interpret this correctly we are saying sometimes 18185 does withhold our numbers on other times it does not and Primus always gives out the caller's number.

    Thanks Heinz
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    I received an email 2 days ago about this from Primus and they have stated that BT can only withold my number if I have their line rental and Primus cannot withold my number. So its a call back to BT to point this out!!
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