weight off my shoulders..got a DMP started up

i just have to say it and explain just how happy i am and how much weight is lifted off my shoulders...got my confirmation from StepChange today that my DMP has been set up!! all the paper work is being sent to me!

just wanted to say to those that are swithering about whether or not to go ahead and contact them..to do so! I wish I had done this sooner rather than lie at night , worry and stress about everything

5lb a Month Challenge 2012:j

Be happy! Beauty is both inside & Out!


  • xapo99xapo99 Forumite
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    Am doing the groundwork with them at the moment, glad it worked out for you.

    All the best. :D
  • beth3735beth3735 Forumite
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    I have been with them for the last 6 yrs and only have 10 months max left. They have been fantastic throughout all of this, and i genuinely believe without their help me £17k worth of debt, would be a whole lot more.
    It seems like the end is far away, but it does soon fly by. :)
  • dizzybeedizzybee Forumite
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    I have just signed up with step change and am just waiting for the paper work.just to know that i am able to go on a DMP has been such a relief. the staff have been really help full.
    on wards and upwards from know on.
    good luck on your journey.

    SPC no:076
  • i've also been in touch with Stepchange before christmas and am in the process of getting DMP set up, a huge relief allround. I know i have debts but i feel that at least i'm doing something to pay them with a credible solution.

    A good way to start 2013.. and for anyone reading the boards worrying about debts and what to do, just go to Step change website and do the 'debt remedy' tool.. it doesn't take to long and well worth it...
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