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selling house in scotland,or rent etc going overseas

I am moving overseas in may 2013 and i still to sell my house or rent if i need to,im on scotland so i believe the tules are different than down south.
So in selling a house these days what do you do,i have owned the same house for past 20yrs so where so i start?

If i know of someone who wants to buy and said let them have first chance before putting it on market,what are the methods here in selling what do or would i do here,im not even sure what its worth or any idea how i would sell it privately like this.

If all fails then im looking to rent it out while im overseas,so what options to i have as in renting while im staying overseas,i do have family here in the same town who could deal with it,but i feel it might be too much to deal with etc.

Your help on the above would be great as i plan to do something asap
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    Start by working out what your house is worth, see what other similar houses in your area are on the market for, look at free websites which tell you what houses have sold for. Maybe get round a couple of estate agents who are willing to do the first visit free to get their opinion.
    I don't know how quickly houses are selling in your area, but if you have someone who is interested, and can agree a price which both are happy with, it could save you the stress of worrying if it will sell in time, would also save estate agent fees (often the same solicitor as you use for the legal work in Scotland).
    When you have a buyer, use a scottish solicitor for the legal work. (If you don't have one, you can phone round some local ones for quotes).

    If you decide to rent and have family running it for you, I would seriously considering drawing up a power of attorney allowing your family member to run your financial affairs. And if they have no experience of being a landlord, consider using an agent, there are a lot of rules and regulations about renting property nowadays.

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  • Take some advice from a property solicitor. What area are you in and perhaps someone can recommend a good one?
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