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  • Hi all,
    After several years with BT, I informed them on January 2nd that I would be moving my broadband and line rental over to Plusnet. The Plusnet broadband went live on January 8th and the call package began on January 21st. The problems began when I noticed BT were still billing me for calls and broadband usuage - the first bill on January 2nd for £25.40. After contacting BT they assured me that it was a technical glitch and that it would be the last bill I received. Since then, BT have continued to bill me for £41. 82 in February and £34.86 in March. I have made a total of FIVE calls and each time they promised to sort the problem out and refund the money. However, when I rang yesterday, they told me that because Plusnet had not notitified them of an Advice to transfer - apparently, I am still technically with BT and that the fault lies soley with Plusnet (whilst paying BT for a service I am not receiving.) They have also charged me a £30 cessation fee into the bargin!
    Plusnet say they have done everything in accordance with the regulations and have used the MAC code to transfer the service so, the problem lies with BT.
    I have never come accross such a poor customer service in all my life and I don't know how on earth they can charge me for something I am not getting - that amounts to stealing in my book!
    I contacted a consumer advice line today and they have advised me to take BT to the small claims court. Just wondering - has anyone else tried that or what other advice do you have to a) Stop BT from stealing any more of my money and b) Get the money they have taken from me refunded.
    It is utterly outrageous what they are getting away with - Help needed please!!!
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    Hi Potatobread1,

    I would like to take a look at your account. Please could you send me in your details using the link found in my profile?


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