help again with payday loans

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I have now defaulted on two payday loans on wonga the other PDUK both loans were due out of my account end december . I reported my card lost/stolen and have got a new card now so they were unable to take payments .

Just want to add i am a little worried now after reading some other posts that infact even though i have reported my card stolen and got a new card the payday loan companys could still access my account is this true ? i am reading different things maybe the people who have had there accounts accessed even after reporting there card stolen have taken out another payday loan maybe with another payday loan company and have given that company there new card details oftern these payday companys are linked together and thats how they have still managed to take money from some peoples accounts ? . I have internet banking so i am checking my account daily to check for any new dd popping up

I have deferred my wonga loan a few times and just paid the interest so my bank can see these payments on my account and the bank has cancelled the authority for "continious payments" with wonga but my problem is i havent made any payments yet to PDUK so my bank is saying they cant see any continous payments set up for PDUK therefore my bank cannot cancel the continous payments agreement for PDUK .


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    Reporting the card lost / stolen won't stop PDL companies being able to collect their payments due to the continuous payments authority they will also have.

    You should be fine with Wonga if your bank has cancelled this - but PDUK will still be able to collect payments until this can be cancelled for them
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