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Help!! Ebay laptop dispute

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Hi all

I bought a netbook from ebay for £150. I've been on ebay for 6 years and had no serious problems until now. The seller had a feedback of 1 so I was a little nervous about it but I'm usually trusting of people (everyone has to start somewhere)

I received it on Monday, opened the package and found one of the rubber feet missing from the bottom making it wobble. I took photos and sent these to the seller. He initially seemed helpful but refused to reimburse for it or accept responsibility. I was quite annoyed and several emails were exchanged back and forth, I threatened to start a claim about it. Soon after this I switched on the laptop for the first time to find a black screen with 'operating system not found'. I emailed him with a photo of the screen and he claimed I had damaged the laptop because I was angry about the missing foot.

Fast forward to now, I have started a 'not as described' claim and he's claiming the laptop was working perfectly when sent, and I caused the damage myself because I was annoyed about the missing foot.

I'm just so irritated because ebay have not been helpful, I have to wait until 6th November before I can escalate the case, meanwhile he has free rein to make allegations about me and I feel compelled to respond. Also his account was suspended but today they have apologised to him and reinstated it!

Can anyone advise, what's likely to happen? it's really wearing me down, I'm worried ebay will side with this guy and I'll lose £150 and be stuck with a broken laptop. He's adamant the laptop was in perfect condition when sent. I don't know how I can prove I didn't damage it myself because I was angry about the other fault. It's complete lies but I can see how an onlooker might believe him.


  • Hello. Usually Ebay will find in your favour and make you return the laptop (at your expense, but paying return postage better than losing ALL money? Just mae sure you record it). There is another board on here called "Ebay and Jumble sales", Crowqueen and Soolin on there are fantastic at advising.
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    eBay are usually very helpful and side with the buyer but you do have to go through the process to be fair to all parties. Read eBay's policies and word your messages carefully, stay calm don't get frustrated and don't threaten negative feedback or suchlike because eBay take a dim view of threats. Ignore messages if the seller is rude or use the 'broken record technique'. You do yourself no favours if you "feel compelled to respond" the seller does not have free reign, he is bound by the same policies and rules as you are.

    Are you sure you are not covered under the Distance Selling Regulations?
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  • Thankyou Bluemeanie I wasn't aware of the other forum I have posted a thread there now.

    I probably did myself no favours as you say Firefox getting frustrated with him. My last message said that I won't respond further until the 6th Nov, I am just going to try to forget about it now as I think I've said all I can at this point.

    I don't think I am covered by the distance selling regs because it was a private auction, and anyway he's claiming now that I sabotaged the laptop so won't accept a return.
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