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question about hb


quick question :p

we are currently claiming housing benefit as my husband was made redundant in january.
i'm currently working and as my wages are up and down each time, i take my payslip to the benefit office every 4 wks. i've noticed that on the calculations my husbands redundancy payment is still considered.

does anyone know how long this is used in the calculations?

many thanks


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    Its treated as capital (except under unique circumstances I've never come across), in most cases we just leave it on the claim as it only becomes an issue once the total capital rises above 6K.

    If your capital is anywhere near the 6K level, get recent statements for all your accounts and submit them, and ask the redundancy payment is removed.
    I work as a Housing Benefit assessor, any advice given is for general information purposes only. It is not, and should not be construed as, financial or other professional advice.
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