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Feedback for WeBuyBooks

Former_MSE_Becca Posts: 250 Forumite
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This thread is specifically to discuss feedback for
WeBuyBooks (Link)

If you've traded in games, books, DVDs or CDs using WeBuyBooks, please give us your feedback.

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  • [Deleted User]
    Having read about this site on the MSE newsletter today, I tried entering two ISBN numbers on modern books. The response was that they wouldn't buy these books as demand is low.

    I buy quite a few books from Green Metropolis but rarely sell through them as its hardly worth the return after paying p&p.

    As I am not keen on listing items on eBay, can anyone recommend a way of selling books which are read once and are in really good condition?

    I'm not looking to make a lot but a reasonable return would be nice!
  • Sixer
    Sixer Posts: 1,087 Forumite
    Take up of books can be sketchy here. But it's worth keeping hold of books that are rejected once - they are sometimes taken up on a later try a few weeks later. I have good success with recent fiction.

    If you do manage to sell books, I have found the service excellent. They email on receipt and I've never had a book sent be rejected for payment. Money follows promptly.

    As a regular customer, they even sent me a free barcode scanner to speed things up.
  • PiriPiri
    I was thinking of using this service since I've just cleared my Dad's house and have boxes of books, however, they are mainly old books from around the 60's, but in good condition.
    I would imagine some are quite rare, would WeBuyBooks be a good place to unload them or should I get someone to check if anything is worth more than average first?
  • fluffpot
    fluffpot Posts: 1,264 Forumite
    I've used them before- not the best prices but very quick payment and no quibbling. I could have got more on eabay but quite frankly want to have a life!
    PiriPiri - I would use the site to check the prices of some of the books and if they are on the high side, then get them checked first
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Newbie
    edited 31 October 2012 at 5:32PM
    I have just entered the ISBN codes for about half a dozen books (autobiography, novel, crime novels) and We Buy Books won't take any of them!

    I've looked on eBay's completed listings and see that copies of books I own were not sold so I don't think it's worth listing them on eBay!
  • Sparhawke
    Sparhawke Posts: 1,420 Forumite
    edited 3 January 2013 at 2:39PM
    I work in a charity bookshop in Blackburn (Rebound) and I am familiar with these guys as they collect books from us that we cannot sell every Thursday though we do know them as Revival books (they are the same company).

    They are prompt and very fair on prices and never try to argue about prices always paying us right then and there, sure you could probably get more doing it yourself on Amazon or Ebay or even Abebooks but lets face it, it could take months for you to sell even one and it is a way of getting some cash raised quickly :)

    Yes, I understand that they cannot take every book, but honestly who would be able to buy 200 copies of Dan Brown and be able to sell them when every charity shop in the land has multiple copies?
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  • keza123_2
    I am trying to register at the moment but can't get to the right page, I think my connection is a bit dodgy at the minute. If you follow them on google+ they will release a code for followers which gives you so many extra % on top of your offer. I think last time it was 10% K
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  • JonBoyWalton83
    Upon trying to use 'WeBuyBooks', I found that no matter how i entered the ISBN number, none of the books I put in were accepted as sell-able. Some books were popular, some more obscure and interesting. However none were accepted. They seem to be rather picky.
  • Wizzbang
    Wizzbang Posts: 4,716 Forumite
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    This is my go-to website for trading in books, CDs and DVDs. They nearly always pay top dollar, although I always check against the other available sites. It's quick and easy, they pay promptly and keep your informed every step of the way. My only annoyance is once they quibbled about 1 item on my list and said it wasn't included. I wish they would send you a list of what you submitted. Once you've clicked to send them, you lose all record of what you are submitting. So make sure you take a screen shot before you get to that point and photograph every item in your box, so you have proof if anything does go awry. I don't think they were taking the mic, I had sold the item in question elsewhere and obviously hadn't spotted it was still on the list. But just to be sure!
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  • Sheepfan
    Sheepfan Posts: 53 Forumite
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    edited 21 January 2014 at 12:55PM
    I traded in 2 boxes of old DVDs and books this month - one to these guys and the other to Music Magpie.

    Both honoured the amount quoted online, but WeBuyBooks was much quicker in paying me - took about a week whereas Music Magpie took more than a fortnight.

    In general Music Magpie paid more for DVDs, but obviously don't take books. WeBuyBooks gave me a price for almost all of my old books, the only ones they didn't want were older "chic-lit" ones.
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