Credit card need for car rental ?

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Hi my wife is going to Belfast for Xmas and I have booked her a hire car from Europcar for her trip.

She needs a credit card to be able to pick it up but she hasn't got one she dosent work as she is a house wife looking after the kids.

She has been to her bank and they have turned her down,she is starting to panic.

Can someone give me some advise on who to apply with to get one ?
She only needs it for this trip and won't use it again when she is home.
Would it be ok to use a prepay card?
Thanks for any help Ian


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    A possible option is, if you had your own credit card you could ask your bank for an additional card in her name. This would still be your account, your sole responsibility, however would give her a card in her name that she could use.
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    It's usual to block a big chunk of money on the card at the start of a hire so a pre-paid card would need a big credit balance. Above suggestion is the best idea unless she likes shopping :eek:
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    The rates aren't the best, so do pay these off IN FULL (Martin's magic words) every months. The Aqua cashback credit or the Granite card should both accept her. I'd try Aqua first, lovely cashback!!! If you pay it off in full every month, I'd try to get it used more, as cashback is effectively money off of your shopping.
    OTB :D

    Always happy to help (ba-da-ba-ba-ba ching ching)
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