Hurricane / Tropical Storm 'Sandy' - compensation ?

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Hi all

This may seem a strange question, but this seems to be the best place to ask....

We have just arrived back home in the UK from a 2 week break in Jamaica, where our final day (Tuesday) was a little breezy, and it was clear the hotel was swinging it's 'Hurricane' preparations into action.

Our return flight into Birmingham (TOM645) should have left at 15:15 on Wednesday afternoon, arriving into Birmingham at 08:20 on Thursday morning. However, due to the storm we were held in out hotel room during the day and the flight finally left Jamaica at 14:33 on Thursday - arriving around 06:30 this morning (Friday).

We were handed a sheet of paper at Immigration Control at BHX this morning from Thomson Airways stating:-

'Firstly, we would like to apologise for the delay to your flight today and the disappointment it has caused. We completely understand how frustrating this can be and we appreciate your patience.

If you are covered by your holiday insurance and would like to pursue a claim, the following information will help you...'

The letter then proceeds to detail the flight times, reason for delay and the total delay time of 22 hours and 23 minutes.

Now, we hadn't really thought about compensation as we paid nothing for our additional stay (although watching the storm from the hotel bedroom was perhaps more interesting than watching the handful of shaky channels still being received on the bedroom TV - and could hardly be construed as a bonus extra day), but we have had to take an additional day of work as our original plan would have been to be off yesterday (out of my annual holiday entitlement), and go back in today for 1 day before the weekend.

However, as we have only just arrived home, we are forced into taking an extra day off - and as I have used my holiday entitlement for this year, this will probably be unpaid.

So, any ideas / thoughts on what I can do ? Is there a claim here, and if so, for what ? Can I claim for a days pay or is this deemed to be an act of god ?

If it helps, my insurance is with LloydsTSB as part of their Gold account package.

I am surprised there have been no other posts about this, but as said, I didn't think about it until we were handed this letter from Thomson at Birmingham Airport this morning.

Any advice would be appreciated whilst I go to bed for a few hours, having been up for 21 hours now...


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