Compensation for Delayed Flight on Package holidays

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With the new ruling for compensation for delayed flights how does this apply to package holidays. we went on a Monarch holidays package flying by Monarch Airlines to the Canary Islands last year and had a 5 hour delay in both directions. monarch gave us £50 each as a goodwill gesture but refused us anymore. should we now be entitled to claim more han this and if so how much shoukld we be claiming. we have retained some correspndence as evidence.The delay was due to Operational Difficulties (aircraft was not fit to fly!!!)


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    How far back can you go 1 year/2 years. Is there a web site stating how much you can claim with a list of destinations, and details of the act so it can be quoted when claiming. Is it best to wait until after the airlines final appeal in the European Court as the airlines will probably refer to this and will not settle until this final ruling.
  • I made a claim on Monarch 6 weeks ago for flight delay in 2011, and despite an acknowledgement they have declined to give me a claim reference number. I am sure knowing how many delayed flights Monarch have been subject to over the past few years due to technical problems that they are being inundated with claims. So why do they not allocated a reference number to each claim. How long should I wait before chasing/taking further steps.
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