Free insulation and cavity foam? Worthwhile?

About to move to a 1930s house with no cavity foam insulation. Have been told that if you are over 60, like me, you can get it put in for free as well as loft insulation. Anyone had experience of this? Is it really free? Any drawbacks and is cavity foam recommended for 1930s houses? A friend seems to think it can cause damp in older properties.

Any advice welcome!


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    first check whether the house has cavity walls..lots of 1930s house dont
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    KMK wrote: »
    . Have been told that if you are over 60, like me, you can get it put in for free as well as loft insulation. Is it really free?
    It is only FREE if you are on Income Support, Benefits, Pension Supplements, etc. Check with your local Age Concern branch. I have just applied and as I am not on benefit, only get a reduced price from British Gas. Check also with your Energy supplier and your local Concil.
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    Should your new property have cavity walls then cavity wall insulation is very beneficial. Our house -1953 - is now so much quicker to heat and retains the heat after cavity wall insulation.
    Not knowing which part of the country you are located because many areas have different schemes for rebated insulation.
    Our 4 bed detached in Surrey cost 175GBP after rebate from London Electricity although not in thier area. The company InstaFoam & Fibre - -that installed ours is based near Reading.

    Do not use British Gas - thier quote was more than double.
  • hi there
    my mum had it done just before the last winter set in and omg it makes massive difference she actually moaned she was to hot instad of
    Which came first the chicken or the egg....suppose it depends on which one is mispriced...i know not funny :o
  • I recommend it without reservation.

    While you're at it, if you are on Pension Credit (or other benefits) check whether you are also entitled to free energy saving light bulbs for your house.

    With your new cavity wall and loft insulation, plus energy saving bulbs, you will save pounds on your energy bills. And at this time of high energy prices it's well worth having.
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