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Cheap car for under £500 in Belfast?

in N. Ireland
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Does anyone know of anywhere I can get a cheap decent car with a bit of tax and mot for around £500.I am a student nurse almost qualified and my car which I desperately need has died.
Have tried ebay, autotrader, ads for free and buy and sell and driven to loads of garages and seen nothing but cr**p. I know my budget is really low but I really only need something for not even a year and hopefully will be able to afford something a bit better.
Can anyone help at all? Anything considered but must have tax and mot.:confused:
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  • ArtofdookieArtofdookie Forumite
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    If it were me id buy from auction, but you need someone with a bit of know how to go with you
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  • pookie
    you got a pm
  • motorguymotorguy Forumite
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    As an ex car dealer who has sold around 300 cars of less than £1000 in value, heres my tuppence worth...

    Auctions can be a source of cheap cars, but lots of them are cheap for a reason.. older cars particularly end up there when their owners know they need lots of money spent and cant get rid of them elsewhere.

    No matter where you buy the car, try to take someone knowledgable about cars with you - ideally a mechanic.

    Personally, i'd look in the bargain buys in autotrader - or check autotrader online. Look for fiestas, clios, corsas and try to buy from a private buyer.

    When you phone, ask 'im ringing about the car' - someone with more than one car will have to say 'what car?'. Also ask specifically is the sellers name and address on the tax book. Its amazing how many (disguised trade) people are selling a car for their mum or uncle or a neighbour.

    Dealers with cars at this price will mostly be unloved trade ins.

    If you're budget will stretch, try to get up to £800. You will get a much better car for a few pounds more.

    Aim to buy something with a full years mot.

    The best cars sell very quickly. Cars go online on autotrader from sunday, so check there daily. if you cant get online access, be up early buy the autotrader on the thursday morning. Personally i'd ring from around 08:00. A lot of trade buyers will be doing the rounds from that early on, to buy up the cheapest cars, to sell on for more the following week.

    Look for cars around £650 and aim to hammer them town to 500.

    Ask whats the least they can take - i went to see a £995 peugeot 406, and with that one simple question the guy said '£680'

    So summarising, autotrader, early, spend a bit more if you can, bring a knowledgable friend, barter, and finally be persistent!
  • And a PM from me too....
  • As a Fully Qualified Mechanic I agree somewhat with pgilc1 but all cars are sold for a reason and that is usually due to ongoing costs.

    I tend to buy from local papers as the traders are less likely to advertise in these as they want a quick turn around.

    You can get bargains from auctions but you have to know what you are looking for.

    Go for the less liked cars ie All the boy racers drive around in Peugeots around here and there price is through the roof but if you go for a Citroen AX it is the same shell and running gear as a Peugeot half the price and not raced.

    Same goes for Corsas, Novas etc the kids love them and prices are high and been raced and altered.

    The Rovers never used to sell but lots of people have them for a long time

    Not all the best cars go first yet again the favourite cars at a cheap price go first to dealers.

    Yes take a mechanic, definitely barter, CHECK THE LOG BOOK AND THE CHASSIS number, I have seen a couple of dodgy cars in this price bracket and don't buy via mobiles unless at the car at the address of the log book.

    Check the cost of insurance prior to buying.
  • I would recommend you try Ballyclare auction on a wednesday night, i know its a bit out from belfast but i got a nissan micra 1998 with 10months mot for £240!!! Doesn't look as new:j as you'd like but it gets me from a-b!!!
  • fredy34fredy34 Forumite
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    if it was my money i would avoid auctions. Mega cheap cars are in there for a reason Ie need lots of money spent.

    Pick up a copy of autotrader and look through the bargian buys or do it online. 750 will get you a much better car.
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