The danger of eBay festival ticket buying



  • Martinslovechild
    I regularly buy and sell tickets on eBay. I treat them no differently to buying CDs, books or DVDs on eBay.

    I always check a seller's feedback profile. One guy once bid on a ticket I was selling for a gig just 5 days' later. My wife had injured her back about a week before the concert and she'd therefore decided not to go to the gig, so I placed the auction on eBay and asked only for bidders with a 5+ rating.

    The first bidder had a really good positive feedback score of 90+, however when I checked his feedback page virtually every one of those feedback entries turned out to be from the same seller - in other words, he'd effectively purchased his positive feedback history. This is easily possible by purchasing the same 1p item a hundred times over (check it out, there are lots of items on eBay for 1p - usually things which will be emailed to you where no postage is charged).

    I didn't like it, to be honest - the 90+ feedback was basically not worth the paper it was written on. I decided to bar the guy from my auction and emailed him with my reasons. He didn't reply. The risk to me was that he may have won and then let me down. I didn't need that with only a couple of days to go before the concert.

    The eventual winner's feedback history looked far more credible. I met the guy outside the venue and personally handed him his ticket (there was no time to post it). I'd given him my mobile number straight after he'd made payment via PayPal and gave him a password to use when we met to reassure him that I wasn't going to give the ticket away to the wrong person.

    It was a great gig too (Coldplay, in case you were wondering!).
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    Only one bad answer to meatloaf songs so two out of three aint bad.
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  • demystified
    I'm sitting here listening to an MP3 player surrounded by a set of 5.1 amp and speakers a VCR and a PVR (I'm copying my tapes) - all of which were bargains I acquired from eBay.

    It's a great place if you're savvy enough to know what you're doing - but if you jump straight in without looking first you're likely to get burnt.

    If theres a rule for eBay its Caveat Emptor - and do your research first. :cool:
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    greenface wrote: »
    you took the words right out of my mouth

    It must have been while you were kissing me. :p
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    thelawnet wrote: »
    I got front-row seats for Meatloaf at Wembley Arena on ebay, from someone who couldn't go, and refused to profit from re-selling, so I paid face value.

    A few years' ago we bought two tickets from an honest Ebayer who sold us his tickets at face-value for a Deep Purple/Thunder/Peter Frampton gig in London!! We left him fab feedback of course and so there are sellers out there who aren't looking to make a quick profit.:T:T:T:T
  • greenface
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    Demystified thanks for your imput about eBay we all agree eBay has its place but the thread is Buying tickets off ebay. I dont know how it could be "policed" but a date of concert button and no more than 45 days away. Easily got round but a option. Or a final payment within a month of the concert of even £3 could bring the ticket back into a timeline linking to original sale and then open for ebay/paypal reviews Item DNR seller awol . etc ..
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