Hi all,

I have been a victim of fraud a few years ago and stupidly entered a trust deed instead of going bankrupt.

Someone got my card details online and took out 7 phones in my name with O2. O2 dropped 6 of these contracts but kept one running at over £1000.00 bill. I have been on and off in contact with them as i will not pay a bill that is not mine and i had a business contract with them at the time.

They just couldnt grasp the concept that i was paying over £50 p/month for my busniess contract why would i need another 7 phones?????

Anyway my concern is that i will be finishing my trust deed at the start of 2013 i am worried that my credit rating wont improve over the next few years because O2 might have black listed me as ive not heard anything from them in over 6 months now.

How can i rectify this problem? or how do I know if they have black listed me or whatever the term is.... HELP ME PLEASE !!!!
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